Castlederg Young Loyalists




As the sun breaks through the mist and due, on a graveyard on a hill, as a Fluter plays midst the lonely graves and his notes are clear and shrill, as the air is rent with this sad lament, we remember those held dear, who gave their word and took up the sword, They kept our Ulster free

In Particular we remember with Pride C.Y.L.F.B Members

Michael Darcy

Aged 28 Died 4th June 1988 Michael was shot six times in the back as he returned from a local band parade to his home in Castlederg

Norman McKinley

Aged 32 Died 14th July 1984  Norman was one of two soldiers killed when a 200lb IRA landmine exploded outside Castlederg, the device was detonated from across the border

Ian Sproule

 Aged 23 Died 13th April 1991 Ian died in a hail of bullets outside his parents home at Killen  near  Castlederg

All Gave Some ~ Some Gave All