Castlederg Young Loyalists


In February 2008 Robert (Bobby) Totten held a concert in Cambuslang featuring the Shankill Road Defenders Flute Band. The Castlederg Young Loyalists were on one of their regular visits to Scotland and it was arranged for them to play on the same night as the Shankill Road Defenders in the Holepark Social Club. It was a very successful night and as we all went our own ways after it. Nobody knew what the outcome would be.

Later in the year Bobby was over for the annual RBP parade on the last Saturday in August. He went to Newry for the South Down Defenders band parade and he caught up with the CYL again. This time he had a chat with Trevor Donnell after the parade, The talk came round to the CYL playing in Cambuslang it was then agreed between Trevor and Bobby that he would put the idea to the band and LOL 379 and Bobby would pave the way with LOL 73 .Needless to say the band was then “booked” to parade with LOL 73 the next year and we have walked together every year since. The band even displays LOL 73 on their bass drum.

There has in the last 5 years been a great rapport and friendship built up between Castlederg and Cambuslang sisters and brethren. This is a friendship that will carry on for many years to come

Over the past few years Cambuslang and Castlederg have enjoyed many celebrations  together,           

The unfurling of  LOL379,s Banner.

The 100years anniversary of Castlederg  Orange  Hall

The many Boyne Celebrations

The culmination was when the Brethern from Castlederg joined Bobby in Loughall on September 24th 2012 to dedicate his late mothers LLOL 212 Sister Christina Totten Memorial ‘s banner to Dan Winter’s Cottage/museum. They were joined by the WDM of Airdrie ,W Brooks and Brother J Gardner .


 LLOL 212 Sister Christina Totten Memorial


LLOL 212 Was originally named “Progress “.The name was changed on the passing away of Sister C Totten who had been Worthy Mistress of the Lodge for 25years.She was a founder member of 212 having transferred from LLOL 45 .

During the early 1950’s Cambuslang District 40 had two Ladies lodges LLOL 45 and LLOL 193. The outlying village of Newton had a very strong Orange presence but no Ladies Lodge. The ladies of the village decided that they wished to have their own lodge within 40 District but based in Newton. Several Orange Sisters got together and held meetings in their homes etc with a view to forming their own lodge. Thus LLOL Progress 212 was born in 1953

The Lodge only had 5 Worthy Mistresses

Sister Annie Black        1953/54     1 year 

Sister C Totten             1954/79    25 Years 

Sister A Beck                1979/04    25 years 

Sister A Morrison          2004/06    2 Years 

Sister B Innes               2006/12    6Years

Sisters  C Totten and A Beck were Mother and Daughter.  Sister B Innes,s mother Sister E Shaw is the only remaining founder member and recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Sister J Totten is the Daughter of Sister C Totten and was a member of the lodge when it closed. Five of the remaining sisters in the lodge had over 200 yrs continuous service between them.

Unfortunately LLOL 212 could not maintain a sufficient membership and had to surrender their warrant in August 2012.

The Banner was last carried on parade at the Glasgow Boyne Celebration parade in 2010. It was carried by orange brothers from LOL 666, LOL 710  Belfast and LOL 379 Castlederg

Castlederg LOL379 was honored and very Proud to join Bobby on such an prestigious and historic occasion. Long may our friendship continue  

Faith     Hope    Charity