Castlederg Young Loyalists



Since September 11th the Republican movement has sought to change their image from "terrorist to freedom fighters come peace makers" with politicians and world news media conveniently overlooking their record over the past 34 years. It is important that we do not forget that during this period the Republican movement murdered more than 2300 people including nearly 900 innocent civilians who just happened to be in the way


During this period Castlederg suffered more than its fair share of atrocities mainly because it was an easy target, a staunchly Protestant area close to the Irish border. The town is surrounded by a maze of country roads and unsecured borders leading to a  “Safe Haven” provided by the Irish Government



The network of roads meant the terrorists could attack with ease and make good their escape with little or no chance of ever being caught






The girl working in one shop warned a customer that a bomb had been left directly opposite. “Don't worry love” he replied, placing a box on the counter, “We have one for you too!”




During the 70s Castlederg earned the status of most bombed town in Ulster. Most notably in 1973 when the entire town centre was reduced to rubble as several bombs were planted at the same time. Two years earlier two bombers died at the border on their way to Castlederg with a massive car bomb when it exploded prematurely.

     The list below will give you some idea of the atrocities carried out against the Protestant people of Castlederg by the Republican movement who would now like to be seen by the world as strivers for peace




·        They murdered a  U.D.R. soldier who was an only child and then to follow up intimated his pensioner mother, breaking her windows and chanting abuse at a grieving old lady living alone until they drove her from her home.


·        They murdered fathers in front of their wives and children.


·        They planted bombs on border roads one killing a young Green Finch.


·        They tried to drive the Protestant farmers from their farms on the borders by threatening to kill their sons alleging they were involved in Loyalist Paramilitaries to justify their deeds.


·        They jeered, clapped and sounded car horns as murder victim’s funerals past republican areas.


·        They stoned, shouted abuse and fired bottles at bands men on parade.


·        They shot dead a shop owner and then planted a bomb beside his body and blowing up his shop


·        They planted bombs under Diggers, Lorries and works vans killing their drivers.


·        They put a bomb under a 17 year olds car killing him and seriously injuring his girlfriend. He had only been on the U.D.R. a few months.


·        Under the cover of the Republican intelligence gathering association “THE PARADES COMMISSION” They stopped the protestant people from parading their traditional route.


·        They hijacked and robbed protestant delivery vehicles using them to bomb the town


·        They murdered farmers as the tendered their cattle on isolated farms.


·        They held family’s hostage sometimes all night waiting for their father to return so that they could take his life.


·        The planted bombs under farm machinery killing the next person to use it. It didn’t matter whom as long as they were Protestant.


·        One bomber died as he tried to plant a bomb under a work colleagues van, a colleague who had shared his lunch with him on several occasions.


·        They set off a bomb outside a nursing home an elderly resident died from a heart attack. The lady had already lost her son murdered while minding his three children.


·        They break windows in Protestant businesses. Broken windows are a common sight in Castlederg 




The list of murders and attempted murders grew longer and every year the cenotaph would have a few new wreaths on Remembrance Sunday. The Protestant people were attacked as they tried to live their lives in this wee corner of  the United Kingdom There are few people in Castlederg who have not lost someone.


It was clearly the intention of the Republican movement to drive the protestant people out of this area and it still goes on today. But despite so many murders, bombings and intimidation "WE HAVENT GONE AWAY YOU KNOW" It only served to harden the loyalists resolve that we will never be driven form our homes. We take spirit as we remember the battle cry of our fore fathers down through the centuries 



"No Surrender"